Why you need beard oil

Beard oil may smell awesome and make you feel fresh. Walking around smelling your own mustache all day is really something. But there is more to beard oil. It actually keeps both your beard and skin in great condition.

Beard Oil from Beard SumoOur beard oil contains of a variety of oils. Vitamin E, virgin argan oil and grape seed oil, just to name a few. Then we have the jojoba oil, the secret ingredient. Or, well, not so secret, it's on the list of ingredients. But still. Jojoba oil enhances the beard's natural oils. It's hypoallergenic and nontoxic. It helps keeping the beard, and the skin underneath the beard, hydrated which prevents dry skin, which in turn prevents skin flakes, or as people like to call it, dandruff. Beard oil basically does the job as a conditioner for your skin.

On top of all the health beard oil provides it also stimulates the growth of your beard. All the hydration and vitamins lets your beard breathe and flourish naturally. You get the best out of a premium beard oil if you put some work in applying it to your skin and beard. Really go the full length and massage it in there. This way your beard will stay fresh and flourish.


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