Have you ever experienced beard itch? Do you suffer from dandruff? Are the hairs on your chin brittle and dry to the touch?

We hate to say it, but your pride and joy - your beard, it’s been neglected! Symptoms of under-hydration, the state of your facial hair and skin has most likely stunted the growth of your beard!

Generally overlooked by the average man, facial hair needs proper attention. Attention that does not come from simply washing with shampoo. In order to achieve a strong beard, oils and balms are essential!

Luckily, with us on your side, your beard has the ability to survive and flourish. Each product in the Beard Sumo line is specifically developed to work wonders when it comes to adding hydration to your entire face while promoting strength and softness of hair.

Made from only the best natural ingredients.

All of our oils contain vitamin e, virgin argan oil, grape seed oil, and most importantly jojoba oil. Each oil adds vital moisture that defeats dryness, dandruff, and the dreaded beard itch. On top of that, jojoba oil specifically enhances the natural oils found in hair. Simply put, beard oils do the job that conditioner does with the bonus of skin and hair revitalization.

To use our superiorly lightweight blends, pour a small amount of oil on your hands and work it through your hair as well as apply it directly to your skin. For maximum results, we suggest going the full length and really massaging it in there. This will help the oils absorb and soak into your skin, thus leaving you smelling fresh and your beard ready to do battle.

For men with longer beards, Beard Sumo balms are just for you. Expertly developed to tame hairs while also adding moisture, beard balms are a sweet mix of natural oils, butters, and beeswax. Never heavy or sticky, each hair on your face is gently held in place without a greasy feel or look.

When the time comes to add shape to your distinguished beard, remove a small amount of blam from the tin and rub it into your palms. Once the beard balm has melted, apply the balm to your beard, gently working it into shape and smoothing down the hairs.  

Oils and balms for every kind of man, in any kind of hairy situation, browse our beard oil and beard balm collections and find your favorite.