Our story

Beard Sumo was founded by two bearded men from the northern part of Sweden, Nils and Joakim. In the northern part of Sweden, during the winter, it gets so cold that we need to wrap ourselves with polar bear in order to keep alive. The ability to grow a beard is almost essential.

Joakim at Beard SumoWe are both long time beard wearers. We both started our bearded journey the same way, totally lost. What were expected from us? Were we obligated to bring peace on earth? Work as models for the rest of our lives? Most importantly, how on earth does a man treat a beard correctly?

It didn't take long until our beards started looking dead. It became dry and people on the streets started giving us money, for no good reason, we thought. We looked like hobos.

Eventually, taking the good old trimmer for a spin became a weekly habit. We lost our alms, but it was worth it. Still, there were something missing. We didn't get that luster and shine, the one you see on TV, you know? We then found out that there was such a thing as beard oil. It was the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Nils at Beard SumoWe tried out a bunch, came across some good ones and it became a hobby for both of us. There were so many fresh scents and it really felt like we finally got to treat our beard the way a beard should be treated!

Since our beards, and the beard oil on top of it, became somewhat a passion we went out on a journey to provide beard lovers our very own beard oil. We have tried everything from urine of an attacking polar bear to tears of a baby seal. We fought ninjas and sumo wrestlers (they were the toughest ones, hence the name Beard Sumo). At one time, Joakim even went back in time to see how the vikings treated their beards.

So through fire and flames we are now able to provide, what we believe, is the best and most premium beard oil in the world. We absolutely love it. It makes us feel fresh and the scents, aaah, the scents. I for one, always use beard oil before bed. I sleep like a newborn.

We really hope you enjoy our beard oils. Should you have any questions regarding us or our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

As a little disclaimer. Some stories above may or may not be fictional.