For bearded men, from bearded men.

Beard Sumo brings you premium oils and balms that WORK.

Our brand

The fact of the matter is, your facial hair says a lot more about YOU than you think.

Not to be dramatic, but facial hair has been in existence for the entire span of human life on earth! From cavemen with long wild locks to the modern gentleman with finely shaped beards, facial hair is a timeless memento of manlihood.

That is why, we devote all of our waking hours (maybe not all, but let’s keep that between you and us), to maintaining the health and vitality of your manlihood.

Each product in our line is expertly formulated to assist you in maintaining the very essence of being a man, your facial hair. Not only do our products support the growth of hair and the comfort of your skin, they smell great too!

Our founders


With a firm belief that a man is only as strong as his weakest hair, our two founders Nils and Joakim, have spent years developing and testing their beards.

Hailing from the northern part of Sweden, these gents consider their beards an essential part of surviving life in a rural town. Not just a fashion statement or a way to attract the ladies, the hair on their faces keeps them warm and safe from a variety of obstacles thrown at them by mother nature.

Long time beard wearers, they both started their beard journey completely lost. Before the inception of Beard Sumo, neither knew about oils or balms.

“We didn’t know what to do with the unsightly state of our dull beards. Both of us hated the feeling of an itchy, scratchy beard that sometimes smells. We wanted soft, shiny hair that helps us defend our manlihood against all odds. That is why we took a gentlemen’s agreement and vowed to not stop until we achieved facial hair glory.”

Embarking on a journey to find what makes a man’s hair the strongest, thickest, and fullest in all the land, our fearless founders traveled far and wide. Infact, to this day they still refuse to speak of a few encounters they had along the way.

“All that we can say is that we have tried everything from the urine of an attacking polar bear to tears of a baby seal. We fought ninjas and sumo wrestlers (they were the toughest ones to beat). Joakim, traveled back in time to see how the vikings treated their beards and Nils found Atlantis in order to ask Poseidon what makes his beard flow so gracefully. Through fire, flames, and water, we are now able to provide, what we believe, is the best and most premium beard oil in the world. We even use our products before bed, we swear that the scents help us sleep like babies.”

On a lifelong journey that we like to call “the survival of the fittest beard”, our founders passion for oils, balms, and the state of their facial hair shines through in each product.

Disclaimer - Some of the above mentioned stories may or may not be true! It’s up to you and your facial hair to decide.