Jamaican Paradise - Scent of the month

Jamaican Paradise - Scent of the month

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This scent is perfect when you feel the cold closing in. It takes you back to a warm beach somewhere in Jamaica. With a mixed scent of pineapples and coconut, you only need to close your eyes to be in that comfortable sun lounger.

Size: 1 fl oz (30ml)

Why do you need beard oil when growing a beard?
Beard oil helps your beard grow and at the same time keeping it fresh and healthy. Our beard oil contains of a mix of different oils. The ingredient that really separates a premium beard oil from a regular one is Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil enhances the natural oils in the beard and keeps it moisturized which increases the growth since your skin gets to breathe more effective. 

How to apply beard oil:
Pour a few drops in the palm of your hand. Spread the oil by rubbing the hands together, be sure you get oil between your fingers. Apply evenly throughout your beard and skin. It's important that you massage thoroughly underneath the beard so that the oil gets into the skin as well as the entire beard. Getting the oil through the beard into the skin is the main reason you get a better growth.

Pure Jojoba Oil, Virgin Argan Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Scented With Premium Grade Fragrance Oils.