Perfecting The Shape Of Your Beard


Just like the man who wears it, facial hair is unique and so is its shape! A perfectly shaped beard doesn’t just happen. A man must first be aware of a few essential beard shaping facts.

YES! WE MEAN essential!

… no man wants to walk around with a wild, untamed face that scares away potential romantic encounters or jobs!

That is where we come in!

We are ready to help you face the facts!

So gents, let’s get to work shaping your precious facial hair.

Fact 1: Your face shape matters.

Get to know your face shape. A long thin beard on a round face might not look as good as a shorter more full beard. Obviously, it is up to preference, but we suggest your test out styles and get to know your angles. You might be surprised at what you can achieve with a little knowledge of your own face.

Fact 2: Know your trim lines.

The most important areas of the beard that need to be trimmed are the neck, cheek, and mustache lines. Like a well pruned brush, when you trim your beard it’s shape will look natural and fantastic, not a hot mess. Even lines and hair thickness is something that should not be taken lightly when it comes to shape. To identify your lines, we suggest asking your barber.

** Hint ** Experts say the neck line should start anywhere from 1 to 1.5 inches above the midpoint of the neck. Try resting two fingers on your Adam’s apple. Then shave everything below your top finger.

Fact 3: Products that smooth and keep hair in place all day CAN NOT be skipped!  

A well-shaped beard can not happen without the help of killer products. A good oil and balm go a long way when it comes to shape. Designed specifically to smooth hairs and keep them in place, beard products works like magic on all hair types. To put it bluntly, one hair out of place can cause you to look more like a hobo than the clean cut gent that you are.

Face 4: A man without the right beard tools, is a hungry man staring at a perfectly cooked steak unable to eat it because he has no knife. (no one wants to be this man… it is frustrating)

You need a good brush. Every morning we suggest you brush your beard into shape. This will detangle the hairs and help them grow in the right direction. There are all kinds of tools out there. Trimmers, line guides, combs, and more… the right tools requires knowledge. Ask your barder, friends, and do some research. We promise it’s worth it!

Have more questions on shaping your beard?

It so happens that we know a few things about beards! Contact us today and we can consult you on some beard knowledge.