How To Rock A Beard In The Summer

Warm weather and a fuzzy face don’t always go hand in hand.

As a matter of fact, beards are commonly a colder weather look. Warmth being the main reason men first started wearing beards (back in the age of cavemen), facial hair is now a trendy year round look!

We know the feeling well… heat, sweat, humidity, salt water, funny tan lines… this stuff all makes having facial hair not so pleasant.

But, fighting the urge to shave it all off doesn’t have to be an issue. With Beard Sumo on your side, being a bearded man year round doesn’t have to suck!

Here are a few tricks we have up our sleeve to help you rock a beard in the Summer.

** hint these are all about getting your hair free flowing and letting air in. **

1 - Try a shorter style or thinning your style. Less hair (not no hair) is a no brainer when it comes to air flow.

2 - Beard Oils is your best friend for smooth hair. Smooth hair itches less and is far more comfortable.

3 - Brush it out. Brush it up. Get the hairs free flowing. This will help with air flow between your bristles.

4 - Wash with shampoo, preferably a beard shampoo, regularly. Clean hair moves and allows for more air flow.  

5 - Drink more water! We know you know this but water is good for you. It’s also good for your hair. Help it grow and feel softer with more water in your life.

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