How to grow an awesome beard

In my world, in my tiny little bubble, every man wants a beard. So I assume that you either have a beard or that growing a beard made it to your bucket list. Some men aren't that fortunate that they can grow a beard. The tiny little facial hair they can push out of their chin falls off when they rub the towel a bit too hard. Pity them.

If you, however, noticed that there might be some potential in growing that awesome beard we would be glad to help you on your journey!

1. Patience and commitment

So, first off, if you want to grow a beard you need to know that it does take some time. You need to be committed to your beard. This might be a test of your character, how long will you last? In the beginning it might seem that nothings happening. Some fluff is making an appearance here and there. The symmetry isn't really there. You simply feel like quitting is the best way to go. Well, don't! Never, ever quit! Leave that shaver be!

2. Vitamin B stimulates beard growth

It really does. Especially vitamins B1 (fish), B6 (sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, cooked tuna) and B12 (shellfish and liver) stimulates hair and nail growth. There are supplements that you can take for an easy way out. Most importantly though; vitamin B is found in beer. Good, huh?

3. Get some rest and activate yourself

Don't be careless with your sleep. Sleep will help repairing damaged skin cells and stimulate beard growth.

Being stressed out will slow your beard growth down. Get your body going with a workout or a run and your blood circulation in your face will stimulate beard growth.

4. Use beard oil, of course!

Beard oil doesn't only come with an awesome feel and fragrance. It also stimulates beard growth if you apply it the right way. Go deep into the skin and give yourself a facial massage with the beard oil and you will smell great at the same time your beard grows faster.

My own favourite is the Yukon Pine, you can find it here.

Grow a beard

One day... one day.