How To Grow A Fantastic Beard

Let’s talk beard perfection

The nitty gritty of growing a beard comes down to a few important elements. Elements that we at Beard Sumo along with a number of top beard guru’s have spent years developing and researching. The result of this research, a special formula that many bearded men agree is ideal for optimal beard growth.

It’s not rocket science, it’s “beard science”

*** Important note - Unique to the individual man, the exact formula to growing the perfect beard may vary slightly. ***

Beard Sumo’s Facial Hair Formula

45% - Start considering the health of both your skin and hair.

First and foremost, the most important aspect of growing a beard is your skin. The base of everything hair related, healthy skin leads to smooth hair growth. Learn your skin type; oily, dry, normal (we suggest asking your barber for assistance here). Along with skin health comes hair health. Nourish your follicles and remember to add hydration to the dry ends. To stop beard itch and assist in the process of growth, we suggest a Beard Sumo oil or balm in one of our arousing scents.

20% - Stop shaving and be patient.

We hate to say it, but to grow a beard you have to let it go just a little wild. Not completely wild. Hair is like a flower patch, you have to nurture it by pruning carefully while also patiently letting it grow. Trust us, with a touch of willpower and dedication your beard will start to fill out. We suggest a month of no trims and maintaining optimum skin health.

20% - Be conscious of how and when to trim.

Plain and simply, wreckless trimming can lead to a messed up beard. If you keep trimming the thin patches the same as your normal spots, your hair is not going to grow evenly. If you forget trimming all together, your hair will not grow as smooth or or fast as you with. Healthy hair with no split ends requires regular trims.

10% - Learn to train your hair as well as match the shape of your beard to your face.

Yup, you read that right. Not every pair of pants is going to fit you, so it is only natural that not every beard shape is going to suit your face. We suggest learning to comb your hair into the best shape for your face. Learn the angles of your chin and test out different styles.  

5% - Miscellaneous grooming care and beard love.

Wash your hair on a regular basis and tell your beard how much you adore it. A well-loved beard is a happy beard. So go ahead gents, whisper sweet nothings to your precious locks, your beard will treat you lovingly in return.

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