5 biggest DONT's when it comes to your beard

There are great benefits with a beard. There are also responsibilities that we can't look away from. Here are a few big NO-NO's when it comes to your beard and your relationship to it.

Also, we do love Jonah Hill. But this time he really didn't do the trick. Jonah, if you see this, we would be thrilled to send you a bottle of The Professional. We can also name a scent after you, if you wish!

1. Keep food in your mouth, not your beard

Since the day we took our first steps out of the caves and in to the living rooms there are no good reason for having food in your face. Show some class, god damnit. With a great beard comes great responsibility. When your eating, at all time, think about what might get stuck in that beautiful facial decoration of yours. Always know where you have a napkin to wipe with. When you grow a beard you become part of a society, don't make us look bad just because you can't handle it.

2. Do not wear it wrong

So, you have been patience with your beard. It has grown a bit.
But does it look ok on you? Honestly? Jonah Hill. Although I love his acting performances, in fact, he's top 3 when it comes to actors in my book, he wore it with no dignity what so ever. I mean, see for yourself. That's not how a beard should look. Really look yourself in the mirror, if it looks like Jonah Hill, do something about it.






Jonah Hill beard

Oh, the horror.

3. Never EVER think about a goatee

Well, the topic kinda says it all. There are no excuses for having a goatee. When you finally managed to get that facial hair going you shouldn't wear it like a facial vagina. A beard should be thick and wide. Leave the goatee to the ones committing crimes. Hell, growing a goatee itself should be a crime.

4. Don't just leave it hanging

Take care of your beard. How you choose to do it is your own choice. Trim it so you don't look like a hobo. Use conditioner and beard oils. Comb it once in a while. Your beard is a part of you now. You don't wear the same underwear for months and months without washing them. Or do you?

5. Don't trim too much

Even though I'm pro-trimming I really think there are some characteristics of a beard that should stay. A beard should be thick and robust. It should spread a sense of calm, leadership and a great man. Before starting the engine of your trimmer, think of what makes your beard unique. What do you relate to, what do you like about it. Leave those parts be. I'd suggest, trim until you look like someone that isn't eating out of trash cans on a daily basis. Not that eating from a trash can is bad, but that's just not the beard type we want, is it?


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