4 reasons to use Beard Oil  

Beard itch, it sucks.
Split ends, it’s a mess.
Ingrown hairs, they hurt.
Hair that doesn’t grow, it’s frustrating.

Maintaining and loving your beard isn’t always an easily task. However, that doesn’t mean you should chop it all off. Actually, there are a few things that every man can do to greatly improve his facial hair.

According to us at Beard Sumo (along with many men around the world), the number one thing your can do to accelerate the gentlemanly status of your beard is use OIL!

Beard Sumo’s 4 major reasons beard oil is a must.

  • 1. Eliminating beard itch

  • Each application of beard oil adds hydration to both your skin and hair. In this process your skin becomes softer and less irritated. Bye dandruff and itchy skin. Hello to the manly way to moisturize (even men with sensitive skin can benefit from the use of oil).


  • 2. Improving hair health

  • Conditioning the hairs on your face is a must. From softening them to protecting from damage, adding hydration to your hair not only makes kissing a more enjoyable event, it makes your beard look and feel 100% better. See you later split ends!


  • 3. Rid painful acne and ingrown hairs

  • The key thing here is the powerful ability to penetrate the hair and its root. Simply put, oil soaks into skin and unclogs follicles. This allows skin to breath as well as hair to grow without issue. Happy beard, happy man. We think that’s awesome.  


  • 4. Increasing rate of hair growth

  • Penetrating deep into the skin, where the hair starts to grow, oil helps to nourish the hair follicle which ultimately leads to stronger hair. When your hair is strong, it can grow triumphantly. A few quick seconds and you are well on your way to a less patchy, fuller beard. Grow baby grow!

    Just our top favorite reasons.

    Other reasons to use beard oil also include; good smelling hair, improved shape, easier trimming, and it doesn’t stop there. This list could go on and on, but we think you get the point.

    Join the revolution NOW. 

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