3 reasons why you should grow a beard

Beards are awesome. No doubt about it. Walk in to the club with a great beard that's also well taken care of and people will twist their neck looking at you. Here we list 3 reasons why beards are awesome and the reson to grow them.

1. Women dig it

They really do, there is no need to look away from the fact that they think it's one of the most attractive qualities with a man. Your beard will be like a magnet at the club, bar, chess club, or wherever you might find yourself on a Saturday night. 

Studies actually proves that women sees men with beards more reliable, better fathers and better protectors. It's there, in inc!

2. Confidence

An awesome beard makes an awesome confidence. If you are shy by nature and have a natural growth of facial hair you will swipe the floor with that "shyness". Grow a beard, treat it with some beard oil, get your back straight and you will be the most confident man in the room. The other men will want to become you. James Bond and Chuck Norris would pay great money to be like you.

3. You get to take care of it

Honestly, it's super awesome. When you grow a beard you grow facial love. Growing a great beard takes time. It takes patience. When you finally reached the point where you look into the mirror to see that awesome face the journey has just begun. You carry it wherever you go and therefore you will want to treat it with love and respect.

When you shower you use conditioner, afterwords you treat it with a beard oil that smells delicious. The fragrance will hit your anosmia during the entire day and you will feel proud of you new facial ornament. It's an awesome feeling. We promise!

3 reasons why you should grow a beard