10 awesome beards on celebrities

There are plenty of celebrities catching on to the everlasting trend of growing a beard. Some does it better then others. Here's a pick of beards that we think deserves some extra credit.

1. Alex Keating

Awesome poker player, awesome beard.

Alex Keating Beard

Photo credit: wsop.com

2. Wolverine

The entire aura screams beard.

Wolverine Beard
Photo credit: quirkybyte.com

3. Jim Carrey (MTV Movie Awards 1999)

One of his best moments on the stage. Would probably use Woodstock. Peace!

Jim Carrey Beard


4. Pierce Brosnan

The James Bond I grew up with. Although Mr. Brosnan never carried a beard as 007 he still pulls it of. His beard oil of choice is most definitely The Professional.

Pierce Brosnan Beard
Photo credit: AMC

5. Sean Connery

I cannot picture Mr. Connery without a beard. It's just wrong.

Sean Connery Beard

6. Zach Galifianakis

Look at that thick beard. That's a beard to be jealous of, really.

Zach Galifianakis Beard

7. Chuck Norris

Legend has it that behind Chuck Norris' beard, there's a fist, for punching.

Chuck Norris Beard

8. Bradley Cooper

Few men pulls of a beard like Bradley Cooper. He would most probably use The Professional.

Bradley Cooper Beard
Photo credit: GQ.com

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

A man with many hats. And a beard, sometimes. But when he does beard up, oh man is it carried out with awesomeness.

Jake Gyllenhall Beard
Photo credit: GQ.com

10. Brad Pitt

Although looking like a hobo. He makes it work, somehow!

Brad Pitt Beard
Photo credit: The Daily Beast